10 Podcasts for Small Business Owners

One of my all-time favourite things to do is binge on podcasts. I listen to them while driving, walking and cooking. On the days I work at home, I alternate between podcasts and Focus @ Will and have discovered so much about business, marketing and, just, life in general through listening.

I remember working on marketing and content strategy at Audible in London in 2012 and we were trying to figure out how to get the everyday person to switch from reading books to listening to them. Back then, audio books were still seen as something "old people" or "academics" bought, not the general public. Little did we know just how quickly mindset shifts would happen in the coming years. Today, something like a quarter of Americans listen to podcasts monthly (in Australia it's around 17% (2017)).  

I think one of the best things about podcasts is the opportunity to listen to another person's story of struggle and success, especially in relation to starting and growing creative businesses. If you're feeling a little stressed with the end-of-year activity or need a dose of inspiration while planning out 2019, check out ten of my fave business-related podcasts below (I say 'fave' not 'top' as it's always changing!). 

1. How I Built This 

This is hosted by Guy Raz at NPR (think: Serial) and delves into how some of the biggest brands got started. My fave eps so far are his interviews with Howard Schultz (Starbucks), Suroosh Alvi (VICE) and Sara Blakely (Spanx). Super inspiring. 

2. Work in Progress 

A great podcast from Slack, all about the relationship between people and their careers, from the way work can define their identity through to the connections and inspiration they find within it. A good one to remind us about the power work has to change lives. 

3. Marketing School

I've followed Neil Patel online for ages, but a good friend told me about his podcast with Eric Siu. Delivered daily, it's about 4-5 mins on one specific marketing topic such as getting clients on LinkedIn or the best backlink tools. A good one to binge on as eps are so short. 

4. The Pitch

As its name suggests, this podcast allows you to listen in as start-ups attempt to gain investment from leading entrepreneurs. I find it useful to look at those who have really done their prep and come in able to answer every question vs. those who have failed to do some crucial work up front.

5. Akimbo

Anything Seth Godin does is good and this podcast is no different. If you’re a fan of the author, blogger and marketing guru, you’ll love this intriguing podcast which delves into our culture and what we can do about elements we seek to change or embrace.

6. The Marie Forleo Podcast

I've been a fan of Marie for years, having watched probably 98% of her famous "Marie TV" episodes. She's taken a lot of the videos she's done and used the audio for a new podcast (#repurposingcontent woot woot). Light-hearted chats with creative business owners including Brene Brown, Tim Ferris and Elizabeth Gilbert.

7. Brand Newsroom 

At first I wasn't a fan of this show, but this podcast has definitely grown on me. Produced in Australia (but featuring hosts from AU, UK and US) it's all about marketing, PR and content. Check out the special eps live from Content Marketing World 2017. 

8. Making Oprah

I can't even count how many people have recommended this podcast to me and I finally got around to listening to it recently. If you love Oprah (and who doesn't?) this is a great story about her journey to become one of the most recognised brands on the planet. 

9. Girlboss Newsroom

Okay, so you'll need to skip the first 10 minutes of many episodes as Sophia Amoruso spends ages selling stuff (note to podcasters: please find a better way to include advertiser's info!), but there's some good stuff in her interviews with people like Leandra Medine (Man Repellar) and Lisa Price (Carol's Daughter). 

10. On Being

If you've been following me @mydailybusinesscoach or getting this email since I began, you'll know how much I love Krista Tippett and her podcast, On Being. While not specifically related to business, she speaks with leaders about how to build communities and maintain focus on what's most important in life, regardless of obstacles. 

If you have a podcast you LOVE, please let me know via email or DM me on IG; I'm always eager to add to my collection. 

Fiona Killackey