4 books to help you grow and start your creative small business

Reading — it’s one of the great joys of my life but one I don't always have enough time for. For creative small business owners just one book can inject a whole year's worth of inspiration and motivation. In the hope of giving you a dose, here's what's topped my list this week...

Shoe Dog
Phil Knight
In this part-memoir, part-business book, Phil Knight, co-founder of the world's most loved sports brand, recalls how it all started and the effort it took to keep it going. I laughed, I cried (genuinely...that ending, ahhh) but most of all I was inspired by how Knight kept going despite so many setbacks. Total page turner.

Make Your Mark 
The 99u Book Series
The 99u Book Series is awesome and this book, in particular, will inspire creative business owners to create brands that matter. Calling upon 21 top entreprenuers, including Neil Blumenthal (Warby Parker), Joel Cascoigne (Buffer) and Seth Godin, the book is all about purpose over profit and creating products, services and companies that inspire.  

Purple Cow 
Seth Godin
I chose to re-read this for the first time in a few years and I'm still finding a few good doses of wisdom when it comes to smart marketing. Some of the examples Godin gives are a little old now, but the book is still a great refresher on why being remarkable (i.e., being a purple cow) is more important than being original. 

Carol Dweck
I'm an introvert; I gain strength by being alone. But, I feel this also leads me to get caught up in my own head more often that I should. I also see this trait in some of my clients and it's more often their mindset, rather than a lack of skill or experience, that holds them back. This book looks at the difference between fixed mindset (believing things will "always" be a certain way) and growth mindset (looking at possibilities and being open to learning) and how you can transition from the former to the latter. 

Which books have helped you on your small business journey? I'd love to know, so please reach out on email (hello@mydailybusinesscoach.com) or connect with me on IG

Fiona Killackey