5 businesses started by dads

Father's Day is coming up in my part of the world, so I thought, why not highlight some of the best brands started by fathers? We so often hear about mamas making things work (and rightly so #girlbossesunite) but rarely are fathers portrayed for being able to "juggle it all" or celebrated for creating a new business as a result of becoming a first-time parent. Here's five fathers who deserve recognition this Father's Day:

1. Simon Isaacs, Co-Founder of Fatherly 
When his wife fell pregnant, dad-to-be Simon Isaacs went into research mode only to find that while there was loads out there for expectant and first-time mothers, there was hardly anything aimed at the millennial father. He teamed up with Michael Rothman to create Fatherly, a practical parenting website aimed at men who want to be hands-on and well-informed dads, without losing who they are in the process. 

2. Adam Jelic, Founder of Mi Goals
In 2010, Adam Jelic not only got married, bought a house and launched his business, he also welcomed his first child. In his own words, "It was absolutely FULL ON". The founder of iconic stationery brand - Mi Goals - which is best known for their Get Shit Done notebooks and goal digger diaries - admits juggling it all and switching from entrepreneur to family man was difficult at times. Jelic not only survived, but has gone on to become a father again and create products suitable for all business owners (regardless of how many hats they're wearing). 

3. Sam Davy, Co-Founder of PARK Social Soccer Co
When father of three, Sam Davy, who had previously worked as Creative Director at Apple and Brand Director for Crumpler, decided he wanted to launch his own business, he knew it had to be something that gave back to others. The result is PARK Social Soccer Co a social enterprise which works on a pass-a-ball (one-for-one) model; for each soccer ball sold the business gifts a ball — and consequently all the benefits that come with playing the sport (health, community etc.)— to kids in need. 

4. Edward McCloskey, Founder of WaterWipes
Frustrated by the constant nappy rashes his baby daughter broke out in, Irish businessman Edward McCloskey researched baby wipe ingredients only to find the majority included harsh chemicals. He subsequently created WaterWipes, a baby wipe that is 99.9% water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract. McCloskey's research paid off with fans across the globe. 

5. Chris Pegula, Founder of Diaper Dude
When Chris Pegula's pregnant wife came home armed with baby bags, Pegula took one look and realised he could not, as a man, confidently carry any of them around. In an attempt to stand up to the "overly feminine" designs out there he created Diaper Dude, a company that specialised in masculine baby bags for the modern father. He’s written two books on parenting and is the Chief Outreach Officer for The No Bull Movement, a non-profit organization with a mission to end bullying.

I hope this gives you, as a creative small business owner, a little motivation, particularly if you are juggling family and business or if you think there's a gap in the market for something you could provide. 

To all the dads reading this, Happy Father's Day (especially you, JR #bestbabydaddy)!

And, if this Father's Day, you are without your own father, please know that I'm sending you a gigantic hug. Losing a parent absolutely sucks and days like this can be painful. Go easy on yourself...

If you're a dad doing cool stuff, I'd love to hear about it. Feel free to drop me a line on email or connect on IG @mydailybusinesscoach

Fiona Killackey