Whether you need a marketing strategy, a business overhaul, a content audit, process guidance or creative ideation, we’re here to help. We’ve consulted to some of the most innovative companies in the world to help them scale for success. 

Consulting may take the form of:

  • Discovery / Planning Workshop - Where we dive into your business needs, challenges, current state and future goals

  • Marketing Strategy Workshop - Where we organise your marketing so it cuts-through and caters for each of your key markets and ideal audience groups

  • Marketing Strategy Documentation - A set of complete marketing templates for ease of use and efficiency to implement the findings of the Marketing Strategy Workshop

  • Content Strategy Workshop - Where we cull back on the “noise” and create content that leads to genuine connection and conversion with your ideal audience groups

Consulting clients of My Daily Business Coach include:

Australia Post, Audible, L’Oreal, AMEB, Timbermill, Mukti Organics, Pentridge Cellars, So Frenchy So Chic, PARC, Dokio, Pan After, The Design Files and many, many more.

Fiona is a powerhouse of marketing capability, and has made a massive impact to my business. Leveraging her vast knowledge and experience in Brand, Comms, PR and execution, Fiona established a fully fledged marketing function in a matter of months, taking us from 0 - 100 through her sheer will and determinism. I attribute majority of our subsequent success and growth to Fiona’s contribution, and feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to see such a professional in action.
— Mathew Galt, CEO, Fulfilio (Australia Post)
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