group coaching

In need of some clear direction and seeking a supportive group of likeminded creative small biz owners? 

The My Daily Business Group Group Coaching Collective offers an opportunity to learn how to scale and grow your business, without scaling the stress. 

With fortnightly coaching calls, guest experts and a host of proven templates and worksheets, this is an intimate group of creative business owners looking to upscale and fall in love with business again. 

WHO IS group coaching FOR?

This group coaching program is for anyone seeking guidance to grow and scale their creative small business, while having the support (and accountability) of an intimate group of likeminded people. 

My Daily Business Coach serves creative small business owners across the UK, US, Australia, Spain, Germany, NZ and Mexico and has found the most common issues relate to direction, accountability, efficiency and confidence.  



The group coaching collective will run for 6 months (and may be extended to 12 if the group wishes), commencing end of September 2019. Each group will be capped at 10 individuals who are committed to learning, challenging and developing themselves while being guided by an expert in small business strategy, marketing and content. Each month the group will experience: 

Two 1-Hour Live Coaching Calls Hosted by Fiona Killackey, founder of My Daily Business Coach, these video conferencing calls will dive deep into common areas of stress, overwhelm and confusion for small business owners. Whether you need help with digital content, traditional marketing or getting your brand and yourself out there, these coaching calls will provide an opportunity to learn, ask questions, understand the best tactics and strategies and stay accountable to your fellow collective members. (Worth $750 per month)  

One 30-minute 1:1 Initial Coaching Call To ensure you’re feeling as prepared as possible to join the collective, each member will be provided with one 30-minute 1:1 coaching call with Fiona Killackey, founder of My Daily Business Coach. Within this call we will discuss your individual needs in the 6-month program, what you hope to achieve with your business and any concerns or anxieties you may have when it comes to being vulnerable and showing up with your fellow collective members. (Worth $200)  

Guest Expert Coaching In addition to Fiona’s mentorship, collective members will experience live teaching and coaching from global experts in the fields of marketing, content, community building, eCommerce and branding. Carefully curated to suit the needs of the collective members, these sessions will provide further opportunity to learn from leaders in their field and understand the tactics and strategies you can apply immediately to grow your own creative small biz. (Worth $750 per month)  

Tools & Templates Library As a Group Coaching Collective member, you will enjoy access to proven templates, tools and tactics that you can use to implement in all areas of your business. From Instagram Stories checklists, monthly marketing plans and email sequence templates, through to example stockist pitches and sponsorship proposals, you’ll have access to a wealth of materials to grow your business. (Worth $2000) 

Total Value (6 months): $11,200  

if you fall into any of the following, the My Daily Business Group Group Coaching Collective is for you:

  • You feel like you’re constantly running on empty, but still not getting ahead in your business 

  • You set yourself loads of goals, but get to the end of each year and feel you have achieved little more than the year prior

  • You see people who are less experienced than you seemingly being more ‘successful’ and want to know what you can to make things work better in your business 

  • You started your business and let it grow organically but now realise you need some business strategies in place to get to the next level 

  • You feel anxious when it comes to marketing or ‘selling yourself’ and want some tactics to feel more confident in these areas

  • You are constantly comparing your business to others in the market and beating yourself up about not doing X, Y or Z

  • You are constantly living in a high / low state when it comes to revenue and would love to know how to even things out more 

  • You enjoy your business but feel like you are always working alone and would love to have likeminded people to bounce ideas off 

  • You know what you want to do, but you need someone to keep you accountable as it’s too easy to put client / customer needs ahead of your own goals 

  • You feel like you keep throwing tactics out there and nothing sticks

  • You are sick of Googling the answer and browsing through business FB groups, only to end up even more confused than ever 

  • You know something has to change and are willing to commit the time and energy to up-level your business knowledge

I, along with members of my team, have worked with Fiona over the past year as we strive to optimise our marketing efforts and keep our strategy current for positioning our brand, CULTIVER. Fiona is so much more than a marketing expert: from her experience in different sized businesses, she really gets the big picture and brings a practical perspective. She is generous with her knowledge, intelligent and passionate about what she does - all of this makes her coaching sessions full of inspiration. I recommend Fiona all the time, she truly delivers.
— - Nicolle Sullivan, founder CULTIVER